Selling Within Two Cities Upon Fb Marketplace

So, when you want to buy or sell on Marketplace, it’s very easy to ask questions, arrange shipping, and other key tasks to complete the sale successfully. Some people like the transparency and others prefer the anonymity that they have when selling on other platforms. However , transparency does mean that you have more safety when you sell or buy on Facebook Marketplace.

If you use Venmo, Paypal, or Cash App, you’ll want to be familiar with their policies on refunding the purchase if the customer says something went wrong. This is quite unlikely, and I’ve certainly accepted these payment methods before, but there is some risk if you are dealing with an unscrupulous buyer. Buyers on Facebook Marketplace will be able to see your personal profile, so make sure there’s not something that could be taken out of context that could scare off buyers.

Selling In Marketplace

Occasionally, the delivery system fails, and a delivery gets lost on its way to the customer. If a book is in great condition, it can sell for more money. For books that were well read, I listed them for $1-$3 per book.

Listing page, chat with a seller, the auction, escrow service – everything was great and we didn’t need anything on top. Facebook lets you put up to ten photos of your item on the listing. Take quality photos from different angles, review them to ensure they’re clear, and be sure to highlight any damages or signs of use. The more photos you have, the more likely people are to look closely at the item and consider purchasing it.